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Neptune is a new team of vibrant experts assembled to bring improved culture and working environments to organisations and SME’s. We work with leadership teams, managers and staff members to pinpoint areas that require support and develop tailored solutions to suit the individual or team.

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Why Are We Different?

Most coaching and leadership companies focus more on long workshops, Powerpoint presentations and ‘cookiecutter’ procedures. Not Neptune. We cut through tedious and monotonous approaches, giving individuals and teams no excuse to lose focus or interest.

We’re a fun, practical and engaging bunch of professionals that are committed to bettering your business or workplace. We do not have a ‘one system suits all’ approach like many companies, so our solutions are completely customised to the benefit of the company or individual.

Our services cross over from business and professional development into health, fitness and lifestyle development. This can be through the implementation of culture and company transition programs, leadership and management team building.

We also do one-to-one coaching, mentoring sessions including fitness and exercise sessions, reviewing business governance and organisational structures and providing recommendations for improvements throughout all of these.

To contribute to organisational growth through developing healthy working relationships and environments.

Developing leaders and teams who drive a continuous improvement culture to deliver successful business outcomes, healthy work environments and improved customer satisfaction.

– Professionalism
– Respect for each other
– Open and honest communications
– Energy and creativity
– Accountability

The Neptune Leadership Team

Our experience and professional staff have countless years in not only business teams experience, but in life experience as well. Like most teams and as individuals, we’ve all faced and overcome our challenges and adversity.

But the common theme amongst us is how we’ve moved on from these challenges and turned them into a positive, or something useful. That’s how Neptune was formed, and it’s been a significant reason why we’ve come together. Meet the team below.

Andrew Gorton

John Rahme

Marinos Anastas

Tracy Candlin

Khalil Rahme

Phillipa Kato

Specialist Advisory Team

Shane Smith

Michael Maguire

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