As Simple as Peace

By John Rahme


I woke up to believe in an empty void.

This void I needed to satisfy with something to believe in.

In something which I was to praise.

But had no idea of why I would or should I praise it.

I believed if I praised this entity, that I would be rewarded with materialistic pleasure or verbal appraisal.

I felt that this entity was to be raised above me and placed as greater than I.

At the time though, everything was greater than I.

Everything was above me.

My eyes upon me only looked down at what I saw and felt.

Not worthy was I.

Ill placed and misplaced on this round turning planet was I.

I, I whom was lost.

Scared I could feel.

A guard I looked for.

A guard whom would make me strong was the dream I played.

Unaware of who I was and what it was I was supposed to become.

No direction from my parents.

What was I to ask?

What was I too say?

I am scared?  Scared Of what?

I have fear?   Fear you what?

My head talks to me with ill discipline and it frightens me.

Boy wake up from your dream as a dream is all it is.

If a dream is all it is then how can I feel it to be real with fear.

To be real in feelings.

To be real with emotions.

Why is life and tests only real for you but I am denied of dreams through nightmares.

I wish no nightmare.

Only a void I endeavour to fill.

Help me understand this void and what meaning it comes with.

I want fear no more but an understanding of peace………peace.


Yes, it is peace I ask for.