5 Colours

By John Rahme

Five colours engulf my life.

Five colours control my being.

A blend of those colours I must create to breathe.

A mixture of colours I must see.

Dull in their nature to look at, is not bright.

But to see their grey nature lightens my load.

Heavy chains I carry over my shoulders.

I have no permission nor right to rest.

If I fall, the earth will not stop.

Colours, those five will keep me continued.

From the hotness of the sun, unsympathetic of the moon.

The birds of prey whom hunt, hunt for me well.

Five colours I do need by no choice of mine.

A contract made in ill and sick times.

Five colours I am sentenced to and with.

Every day, a procedure which will never end for me.




A Journey to Breathe

By John Rahme

A yearlong conflict amid the Sun and the Moon you witnessed. Watching the Sun rise to engulf the world with light, the Moon to awaken to slumber the world.

Equally Sun and Moon, not care or contemplate your existence.

My existence not be without light or dark.

Events of this year, are of those which are assembled and played out in a theatre of Darkness.

Not nor can be orchestrated by words of truth. As only fiction they can be seen.

A man was relentlessly beat. Beat by the hands of circumstance. Kicked time and time again by thorns made by man.

A chalice of Gold heavy with poison liquid I drink. A horrible beating by circumstance and life you received. No greater hurt and torture came to you, other than from your own right hand.

Belittled you were. Dragged through the coarse path.

Scars try to heal; it is I who revive them.

Your hand, your right hand, your mind, your sacred inner thoughts. Your worth and belief, it is your right hand which grip these tight, with a crushing grip it holds and a crushing beating unto you.

The Sun losing his war as the days grew short and cold.

The Moon fought the Sun well. Knowing that night would be long, a gift towards a man who was beat, was beat in his own mind.

A gift of rest, upon me.

Sleep, dream you fool.

A wise fool you be. To preach too many, not to listen to him.

Preach you wise fool no more. Listen to your own sermon.

Believe in an old fool.

Why has so much become so worthless to my eye.

Why do I see a desert inside of a Forrest?

All is nothing to me, All is emptiness to feel. All is for All, but me.

I only look at four pillars of strength.

Four pillars placed in four corners of the earth.

Not four horsemen, as I am not Godly, nor are my pillars.

But for them.

I live for strength.

All the emptiness and hollow souls which walked on this green, nothing they mean.

But my four pillars are of rock and unconditional love.

Is all a wise fool need to breathe?





Update Your Program

By John Rahme

In this age of advanced technology, keeping up to date with the advancement of programs and apps is a never-ending process. maintenance is crucial and a must. Scanning of viruses, cleaning out the engine, installing new programs and deleting what is obsolete is almost a daily occurrence. Technology has made life easier. Not in all cases has it made life better, but most definitely in my opinion, easier.

At the turn of the clock where we leave one year behind and bring in the new year, hope, goals and promises to self are made through an emotional state in the WANT to be better. Are you placing the same effort in yourself and your own life as you do with technology?


  1. Scan yourself for any viruses- what emotional baggage are you carrying? How is it holding you down? How it holding you back?
  2. Check the efficiency of your engine. – Physically, do you need to trim up or add weight? How is your cardiovascular system? It does not mean you need and must join a gym; it simply means that your own engine needs to be able to operate more efficiently by keeping it healthy.
  3. Install new programs – what is it that you have put off time and time again? Something which you really want to do but put it off because of excuses. Stop focusing on the excuses and focus on the solution.
  4. Delete what is obsolete. – Fear stops us doing this. Be aware of what doesn’t work for you any more, ask yourself why you continue to do this and press the DELETE button.


I myself personally quite enjoy my time away from my phone and technology, many I know don’t. I also know that I have broken many a promise to myself made in this period of time. Mainly because I am not satisfied entirely with where I am. If we simplify the process it will always have more chance of success. Ask ourselves why we take more care with artificial intelligence and give it much more attention than we give ourselves, why is AI more important than us? If you can see it from that perspective, maybe it might reveal to you the simple answer that you might need to invest in yourself more.

Wishing you a beautiful, happy New Year.





Your First Gift

By John Rahme

This time of year, comes with many events and gatherings. Within those events and gatherings, an onslaught of feelings and emotions than we care to poke a stick at. There are many different circumstances which millions of people are travelling through. We may be with loved ones or may not be able to be with our loved ones. Some open and flourish in this festive season, where many can automatically hide from it all and would like this festive season to just pass them quickly.

Regardless of your circumstance, I find that at one time for a moment over this period. That we in some way and reflect inward and try to make sense of our year. In reflecting, in can become a very conditioned response that we tend to focus on what we didn’t do? On what we said we would achieve or become, but did not quite get there.

Reflection generally means QUESTIONS. This if I may, is where I would like to offer a suggestion.

What questions are you asking yourself?

Do the questions you ask already doom you to failure? Is it because that is what you expect or are conditioned to do and ask yourself?

Do your questions SERVE YOUR PURPOSE?

Do you really need to whip yourself anymore?


Let’s learn to ask ourselves the right questions.

Let’s learn to ask yourself questions which truly SERVE YOUR PURPOSE?

A suggestion is not to start with your work or job. Start with you. Work from the inside outward.

How would I like to move forward?

What is it that I need to do in order to help me first?

Look at yourself as a project, how do I help this project succeed?

The questions which we ask, always must be true to us. But they must not detrimental to our cause. They must not be asked for the sake of pointing out and exaggerating negative points. You don’t need that in your life. Give yourself a gift. Give yourself the gift of self-love and through this self-awareness will eventuate. Be kind to yourself in moving forward. Moving forward is the key in asking yourself proper questions. Your questioning should be about, this is where I want to be, how do I get there?

What is your first question?