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Neptune offers 5 core services to suit your business or organisation. From these, we sometimes find that you need additional services or specialised one-on-one training. See what we can do below, or click on the link to get started.

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Our Core Services


Team Building

Culture Development

Health & Fitness

Coaching & Mentoring


Our Leadership services are designed to help develop individuals into master leaders. This can sometimes be difficult when faced with an organisation of talented people and professionals all trying to achieve certain goals.

That’s where Neptune steps in to offer practical ways to increase an individual’s capacity to lead in challenging and high-pressure situations. This can be done by developing respectful working relationships, changing certain behaviours and through mentoring sessions.

Neptune can custom design a program to suit the individual and achieve their leadership goals.

Team Building

Bringing working teams closer together or improving how they interact with each other is one of the more rewarding services Neptune provides. To then see them grow and set them on their way to developing further is also part of what we do when working with teams.

When you engage Neptune, we not only review existing team structures in a business sense but also from a health and fitness perspective. Our trained experts can focus on getting your minds and bodies healthy by using specific team building strategies and exercises.

Whether your a sales and marketing team or sporting team chasing a title, we’ll ensure that you‘re all working toward a common goal or purpose.

Culture Development

What is the culture within an organisation or a team? Although we hear it a lot, culture can mean many things that drive a company, staff or individuals within a team. At Neptune, we believe creating and fostering a great culture requires work, consistency in behaviour and ‘buy-in’ from individuals for it to work.

That’s why sometimes you need a bit of outside help and influence… Neptune works with leadership teams and managers to assess your existing culture and working environment.

This allows us to go away and develop a tailored culture implementation framework that includes improving behaviours, instilling values and beliefs and reinforcing positive attitudes. Find out how we can do this for your company or organisation.

Health & Fitness

As individuals, Neptune finds that when people are feeling good about their health, fitness and lifestyle choices, that it always has a positive effect on their working and professional life.

After an assessment on how you are physically, we tailor plans that work in with you and your capabilities. We have some of the best experts in health and fitness in the country on hand to offer one-on-one or group training sessions and programs.

And it doesn’t stop there. After initially setting you up, we offer ongoing monitoring, follow-up sessions and can even organise health professional appointments for specialised cases.

Coaching and Mentoring

If you were to look on social media, you could easily assume that the world is full of extroverts. It is not. Whether you’re an adult or a child, sometimes it’s easier and less confronting to reveal your true emotions or thoughts outside of a group environment.

Neptune offers highly personalised one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions for executives through to children. This is perfect for those that are more comfortable in a one-to-one setting, especially children. We can help you overcome the self-doubt and confidence issues that can be holding back your personal development.

A fresh perspective from a Neptune team member can be a great kick-start for a person’s mindset.

The Neptune Advantage

Although our core services are an important base for our clients, Neptune goes the extra step and offers broader services to organisations that require it.

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