By John Rahme

Congratulations on your new life!!!!

If you want it? – think about it……

Do you want it?       YES/NO

If you have circled NO, then carry on doing what you are doing. And there is no need to read further.

If you have circled NO, you shouldn’t be reading this, but you are, why is that? CURIOUS?

If you have circled YES. Then WELCOME. Please proceed to the process.

One thing and the only thing I can promise you in your new life is PAIN.


To have anything you wish to have, you must be able to endure pain.

Are willing to endure PAIN?    YES/NO

If you have circled NO, then you can stop reading and carry on with your life as it is now.

If you have circled YES. CONGRATULATIONS, a new journey you will find.

Please think about the following questions:

  1. What is it you want? –
  2. What is it you see? –
  3. What is it you feel? –
  4. What needs to change? –
  5. What is it that you are not doing? –
  6. Are you in love with the end result? –
  7. Are you in love with the process of obtaining and achieving a better life? –

In your new journey we will not be avoiding pain, but be dealing with your pain and together we will travel through it. Pain in everyday life is inevitable. It is a must, it does happen. You can try and shelter yourself from it, which will put you back in the position you are now. Or you could accept it for what it is, as a feeling and emotion. Be understanding and aware of where it is coming from and how it is directly affecting you.

Firstly, Answer the questions and in so be true to yourself. Reflect on the answers and ask yourself a simple question- “DO THEY SERVE MY PURPOSE?”

Then as simple as it sounds, create a plan. START SOMEWHERE.

From there, simply follow your answers by creating a NEW LIFE PLAN.

We love to complicate things. That’s what us humans do. Some things are simple in nature, and so is this plan. If your WANT is greater than your EXCUSES. You have nothing to worry about.

Good luck and I wish you your dream.