Simple Hope Part 2 – 101 out of 10

By John Rahme

In part 1 I made a very short and direct statement that said if you immediately wanted change in your life, the first thing that you needed was Hope. I came to this conclusion from looking at myself and my own circumstances. I would like to take you on a short journey back into my past and bring you through to today.

Unfortunately, I was given a disease I had no power over. This illness caused me excruciating pain throughout the body. A pain which made it impossible to walk at times. To simply summarise the pain, I would say that I would not wish it upon my worst enemy, if I had one that is. Asking me what would be the pain score out of 10, if ten was the worst imaginable pain possible. My answer would be 101 out of 10.  There was the medication which was constantly added and deducted with the never-ending Doctor’s appointments, specialist appointments, tests, scans and the ever to familiar hospital visits. Where am I going with this? I hear you ask. Good question.

When I think back of this period or any period where things were not going so well in my life. I ask myself at times, what was it that got me out of bed? What stopped me from taking my own life? When all there was, was pain, misery and suffering. I was not only suffering physically from pain. Due to the lack of quality of life and not being employable my mental health also declined rapidly. My mental state slide down the side of a very steep slippery mountain. I had no quality of life. I had become a burden to my partner and my children. That’s how I felt. To participate in any simple and meaningless task like tying your shoe laces was a major production. I think you get the idea.

With every medical appointment I had, regardless of whether it be with my local GP, specialist, tests and hospitals. I bathed myself inside of a vision. In this vision was light, happiness and movement. Inside of this vision also I was well, functionable, able to tie my own shoe laces and pass a ball with my children. I was capable of taking my partner to dinner and to chat with her pay for the meal because I had the ability to work.

“Hope is the beginning of it all. Without hope, there is nothing.” From part 1.

My vision was Hope. My vision was full of Hope. I needed that vision for without it, I was doomed to not exist.






Hope – is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. – Wikipedia.

Hope throughout time has inspired many people to keep moving forward when it seemed pointless to continue. Hope wakes up every single day in the minds of millions, whispering quietly in their ear that I am here. Hope reminds you in times of despair to not stop because you are close. Hope has travelled through snow filled mountains and dry deserts. Hope awaits us with a hot baked dinner on a cold winter’s day.

Today, thankfully I am ill no more. Still things are not certain for me. Seeking employment and financial hardship are at my top of concerns. If I have learnt anything, and I would like to think I have. I have learnt to firstly have Hope. With hope comes a vision, a strong vision in which I see and feel my targeted goal. It would be absolutely absurd of me to suggest to have hope and no action. No, I’m not suggesting that at all. With hope, action has to follow. Planned action in order to follow your dreams and visions.

If you find yourself floating around in day to day rituals and you feel that you are not moving forward in any direction. Ask yourself, have I lost hope.