Simple Hope

By John Rahme

How many times have we heard someone say that they wish they could start their life again?

It’s simple, it really is.

I am not going to write paragraph after paragraph trying to impress you and show you the way because quite frankly, it won’t mean anything to you.

We all just want the outcome.

So here it is.

To change your life immediately and start a new journey there is only one thing you need;


Hope is the beginning of it all. Without hope, there is nothing.

If you think that this is too simple of an answer, that’s your right to believe that.

This may also mean you are looking for a thousand-page book giving you hundreds of examples.

Nothing can be that simple can it? Yes, it can.

Hope is the everything.

Hope is the start of every day, every action, every movement and every thought.

Use your own HOPE to create the path and life which you desire.