Standard Dump

By John Rahme

Believe it or not within you, you have an incredible power. A power so great that IT WILL change your life. This power are your words. Your words mean more to you than you could ever imagine possible. When you are alone, even that feeling of been alone at a rock concert, you are having words with yourself. These negative conversations you are having with yourself when you are alone are slowly hurting and grinding you down. They are filling you up with feelings and thoughts of a negative nature toward you.

You become what you believe.  Let that sit with you for a minute.

Language is our primary method of communication. A bit of an obvious statement to make! I’m attempting to wow you with my in-depth philosophy. Did it work? Let’s move on. Personally, I find that I learn a lot about a person whilst listening to the way they express themselves, views or in what regard they think of themselves. There are many of what I call “Standard Dumps”, meaning that in conversation and unconsciously we use a many of universal sentences and phrases. These SD’s (standard dumps) are used in so many different scenario’s in conversational engagement, stemming from hearing the SD so often, been conditioned to do so or as simple as it just sounded right.

I am going to make another obvious statement. When we do speak, we actually hear what we are saying. Hearing what we are saying will influence our thoughts and belief’s. it could be a conversation about sport or something which you have recently done. As you are talking about it, you are listening to yourself and you are believing what you say. Even if you are telling a small little fib. Say that little fib enough and it becomes reality in your thoughts.

HOW we say something about OURSELVES and WHAT we say is just as if not more important than what we THINK and FEEL about OURSELVES.


  1. I’m going to try my best- You have already placed a get out clause and excuse in the activity or goal which you set out to do, by using the word TRY.
  2. I’m going to do my best. OR I’m going to do it. No get out clause and the statement describe exactly what you will do.



I am not headed into the directions of asking you to do Positive Affirmations. Positive affirmations work for a many people. Please continue to do so if they work for you. Where I am headed is about how we speak about ourselves. How we describe our life and what we are doing. Most of the times we are in an inner conflict with ourselves. We want to achieve. We believe we are good people. We have been there for a friend, family or loved one. We are good honest caring loving people. But we have immense difficulty in thinking good things of ourselves and almost a fearful anxiety of saying anything nice about ourselves. We are taught that ego is not a good thing. Arrogance can be the devil itself and self-appraisal only comes from people who have their head up their A–.

If you believe and say you’re worthless in different types of statements. Then guess what, that’s what you will become. If you tell yourself, and by telling yourself I mean if you consistently hear yourself say that you will are crap at your job and won’t make money. Then I certainly tell you that you are crap and you’ll never have money.


Really Simple, I have got just over 49 years of research. I was exactly that person whom I ask you not to be. I was that very negative person who crucified himself and put himself down on a moment by moment, hour by hour………YOU GET IT.

I was this person. I had all the sympathy, empathy, care and love for everyone else except for me. Me was treated in conditions let’s just say of not a good standard. Until one day.,


One day, I changed the conversation that I was having with myself. I needed to do this. I needed change and belief from me. No one else was giving this to me, they were busy waiting around all day for me to make them feel better. My life didn’t change overnight. My life didn’t miraculously change immediately. I had to consistently work at it. And I still do. I wanted to change how I felt about me because I knew deep down, I was a good person. I didn’t want anyone else to tell me, I wanted to truly believe this.


I felt a lot of things about me and not many were positive. If you are reading this article and find many similarities, I really suggest that you make a decision. A decision right NOW to stop treating yourself so badly. Start with simple steps. Firstly, be more aware of the conversation which you have when you are alone. Be vigil with the language which you use to describe yourself. The sympathy and empathy which you show toward others, turn these traits inward to you.


Language is a part of our everyday life, undoubtedly. Be comfortable in the language which you use towards yourself. You are the person which whom you wake up with. You spend every single second of the day and night with. And also travel with.


Everywhere you go, YOU WILL BE THERE.