By John Rahme


When I have found the need to place myself into temporary STOP mode. By STOP mode I refer to;






When I STOP, I find the need to reset. I look to go to that place which help me reset. You know that environment or space which you are drawn to where you feel still. Could be in your backyard under the shade of a tree. Laying or sitting in the sun, or for some, it could be just a quiet room. Never the less, most of us have such a place.  Personally, I prefer to be at a place where I have my essential three. My essential three also have a fancy little gimmick to them, I call them my GWS. My GWS are;





Needing to rest is not a failure. Nor is it to be looked upon that you cannot handle the heat. Been aware of needing to do such a thing is a positive in more ways that you could imagine. It tells you that you are and have become more in tuned with the feelings and emotions swirling inside of you. That these feelings and emotions have taken a turn in which they are not serving you nor your purpose. Like a mechanic fine tuning a motor, you turn to fine tune yourself.


  1. Calm yourself and be still.
  2. Be aware of every single feeling and emotion within you.
  3. Be comfortable with them. At first, this is a difficult task to do. But the more you practice it, the better it will work for you.
  4. Do not try and rid yourself of any negative feelings or emotions as your focus will turn to the negative.
  5. Ask yourself, are these serving me well.
  6. Do not entertain any questions or thoughts posing how to change the past.
  7. Sit and be still.
  8. Let whatever you want to feel happen.





Everyone needs to reset. No matter in what business, sport or environment you are in. people have their own methods in which they do this. and in some cases, they don’t know that they are resetting. Doing this can rid us of any heavy luggage which we are carrying and not knowing how to unload. We keep moving and climbing up a hill with excess baggage not understanding why we are so mentally and physically drained. STOP. RESET.