Update Your Program

By John Rahme

In this age of advanced technology, keeping up to date with the advancement of programs and apps is a never-ending process. maintenance is crucial and a must. Scanning of viruses, cleaning out the engine, installing new programs and deleting what is obsolete is almost a daily occurrence. Technology has made life easier. Not in all cases has it made life better, but most definitely in my opinion, easier.

At the turn of the clock where we leave one year behind and bring in the new year, hope, goals and promises to self are made through an emotional state in the WANT to be better. Are you placing the same effort in yourself and your own life as you do with technology?


  1. Scan yourself for any viruses- what emotional baggage are you carrying? How is it holding you down? How it holding you back?
  2. Check the efficiency of your engine. – Physically, do you need to trim up or add weight? How is your cardiovascular system? It does not mean you need and must join a gym; it simply means that your own engine needs to be able to operate more efficiently by keeping it healthy.
  3. Install new programs – what is it that you have put off time and time again? Something which you really want to do but put it off because of excuses. Stop focusing on the excuses and focus on the solution.
  4. Delete what is obsolete. – Fear stops us doing this. Be aware of what doesn’t work for you any more, ask yourself why you continue to do this and press the DELETE button.


I myself personally quite enjoy my time away from my phone and technology, many I know don’t. I also know that I have broken many a promise to myself made in this period of time. Mainly because I am not satisfied entirely with where I am. If we simplify the process it will always have more chance of success. Ask ourselves why we take more care with artificial intelligence and give it much more attention than we give ourselves, why is AI more important than us? If you can see it from that perspective, maybe it might reveal to you the simple answer that you might need to invest in yourself more.

Wishing you a beautiful, happy New Year.